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Simulator Enclosures:

Medium:     3m Wide x 2.5m High x 1.5m Deep = $2,650

Large:          4m Wide x 2.6m High x 1.5m Deep = $2,850

Custom:       Please email dimensions for a price.

Hiting Mats & Golf Lawn

Premium Turf Surround Lawn 3m x 4m = $375

Premium Tee Turf Golf Hitting Mat 1.5m x 1.5m = $250


Package A = $2,995 FREE Hitting Mat - SAVE $350 (Medium Enclosure, Turf Surround & Hitting Mat)

Package B = $3,195 FREE Turf Surround- SAVE $500 (Large Enclosure, Turf Surround & Hitting Mat)

Home Golf Simulator Enclosures

Welcome to LivGolf Indoors, providing Golf Simulator Enclosures with impact screens, Golf turf and hitting mats. Transform your space into a golfer's paradise.

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